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News - Farmer Gow's Summer Trip

Farmer Gow's Summer Trip

Posted by Emma Dixon on July 5, 2022

On Thursday 30th June, all pupils and staff went on their first ever school trip to Farmer Gow's. The children absoloutely loved going on the coach, exploring a farm and meeting all the animals.

The coach trip there was buzzing and lively with a few verses of the classic bus trip song 'The wheels on the bus'. Upon arrival, we sat and had some snack before getting to meet the animals. We had the opportunity to meet some 2 week old chicks and hold them if we felt brave enough. The children were calm and gentle when handling the animals. After meeting the chicks, we got to meet some piglets. Although they were a little bit too busy wanting to have a good itch under the table than come and say hello!

After seeing the chicks and piglets, we got to feed some sheep and goats. These animals were very friendly and couldn't get to our hands quick enough to come and eat the food we had. We were taught how to hold our hand out and position our hands so that the animals would oeat the food and not our fingers! The children absoloutely loved feeding the animals and it was so nice to see all the smiles on their faces as they got to have this opportunity.

After feeding the animals and then after lunch, we got to collect some eggs and find more animals in the outside fields whilst walking around the field trail. Then if the day wasn't busy enough, we then finished the amazing day with a treasure hunt in the hay bales and won a face mask each for collecting the treasure.

It was then time to head back home and not surprising after a long day, the coach trip home was a lot quieter!

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