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Welcome to Kingfisher
CE Academy Nursery

At Kingfisher Nursery our experienced, qualified and caring staff help children discover their world through multi-sensory experiences, make new friends and become confident, independent learners.

Message from the Nursery Manager

We hope to be a child’s first step on an incredible educational journey through the Wichelstowe Trinity Learning Campus. This journey starts with our nursery, as we help children gain the skills and confidence they need to progress to the brand-new Kingfisher Academy for their primary years. And it will continue when they eventually step up to The Deanery Academy, taking them all the way through their secondary education.

As a Church of England nursery we imitate Jesus through our words, actions, gifts and skills. Our lives are an opportunity to shine brightly and we have a responsibility to guide and support others so that they can shine themselves, through the development of their gifts and through service to others.

Please note the Nursery is term time only.


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Brand-New & Purpose Built

The brand-new Kingfisher Nursery features a large, bright learning space which links the indoors and outdoors and provides endless opportunities for creative learning.

To support the transition from nursery to reception we have also created a shared learning area which can bring together nursery and reception children for joint educational experiences. These carefully planned shared resources and spaces support the development and progression of your child, and make sure they are always ready for their next step.

Our Approach to Learning

Our early years curriculum is organised into seven areas of learning that will provide the best start to your child’s educational journey.

Prime Areas

Personal, Social and Emotional Development
Personal, Social and Emotional Development
Communication and Language
Communication and Language
Physical Development
Physical Development

In our Nursery we initially focus on these prime areas, nurturing your child’s social, emotional and physical skills

“Play is our brain’s favourite way of learning”

Our children will learn how to listen and communicate through small group activities, expressing themselves through role-play, singing, and storytelling. Through supported play they will learn how to take turns and respond to others, as well as develop their motor movements. Our structured physical education sessions alongside our daily play and exploration will make sure your child masters the physical skills they need to progress to Reception.

Specific Areas

Physical Development
Physical Development
Communication and Language
Communication and Language
Personal, Social and Emotional Development
Personal, Social and Emotional Development
Understanding the World
Understanding the World

In addition to the three prime areas, these four specific areas will be developed throughout your child’s time at Kingfisher Nursery so that they are fully prepared for their future step up to Reception.

We will nurture your child’s literacy through storytelling, songs and rhymes, both 1 to 1 and in group settings. We will develop early writing skills and creative skills through a sensory approach, introducing your child to the materials and tools they can use to make meaningful marks!

Your child will begin to explore mathematics through physical activities such as construction and by exploring shapes and measurements. We will learn to count through songs and actions, and develop problem solving skills through recognising patterns, asking questions and making comparisons.

“Creativity is a gift from God. Using our creativity is our gift back to God.”

We will nurture imagination and creativity throughout the nursery environment. We will explore music, role play, colour, texture, and construction to make sure your child flourishes in their preferred form of expression.

Every child at Kingfisher Nursery will receive the best possible start to their education!

You can find out more about our learning approach here:

How to get involved

We really appreciate all the help you give to support your child’s learning at home. Some of the ways we encourage you to support your child at home are:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development
Personal, Social and Emotional Development:

Encouraging independence in self-help skills e.g. getting dressed, using the toilet, tidying up Encouraging sharing and turn taking with simple games and role-play together.

Physical Development
Physical Development:

Learning how to use basic tools safely Trips to the park to run, climb and balance.

Communication, Language and Literacy Development
Communication, Language and Literacy Development:

Singing songs and finger rhymes Finding objects around the home beginning with the same initial sound Sharing stories together from books, cds, or made up by you

Mathematical Development
Mathematical Development:

Noticing and counting objects around the house and out and about Noticing and finding shapes in the everyday environment Encouraging children to help with shopping trips

Understanding the World
Understanding the World:

Playing simple age appropriate computer games Noticing changes in seasons, weather, the environment

Expressive Arts and Design
Expressive Arts and Design:

Recognising colours of things around the home or out and about Engaging in pretend play situations with your child Singing and dancing together

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