Key Stage One

We have spaces across Nursery and all years groups (Reception-Year 2). Please contact us for a tour! 

Curriculum Intent

At Kingfisher CE Academy we take a continuous provision approach to learning in Key Stage One. We aim to provide the children with an extensive range of diverse learning opportunities enabling them to become confident and independent learners. Through this we believe they will build solid foundations for their learning and continue to reach their full potential as they progress through their school years. 

Curriculum Implementation

In Key Stage One we follow the key objectives of the National Curriculum with an enquiry based approach that is a combination of adult led and independent learning. The children have input into the overarching topics and use learning time to answer their own questions; following their own lines of enquiry. 

Our children learn all subjects- covering Maths, English, Science, RE, History, Geography, PE, Music, Art and DT and Computing. They learn through whole class teaching, small group teaching, individual teaching and experiential learning that allows the children to explore and develop their own ideas. 

All children have access to Maths areas,  Writing areas, a Creative area, a Construction area, a Small world area, an Investigation area, and a Reading area. These areas contain resources that are available to children at all times and will support them in their learning. In addition to this continuous provision we enhance the classrooms with resources that link to our current topics. The children use this enhanced provision to furnish and extend their current knowledge.

Throughout the week, the children have access to various activities that have been planned and set up for them to either build on and deepen their exisiting knowledge or to teach them new knowledge and skills. These activities stay out for the week, allowing the children to complete the activity more than once, allowing them to practice and embed the knowledge and understanding. Adults are then working and playing with the children around the room, facilitating their learning and enhancing their play so that some children can be stretched and challenged.

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